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Seyed Reza Madahzadeh was born in 1971, March in Karaj City. He studied strategic marketing and MBA and started his activities in marketing and branding in Negaresh Afarinan Business Management Team since 2015.

He has also started his domestic and international activities in financial markets and stock exchanges since 2001 and in this aspect, he has a global and unique record, including the fact that he is the only Iranian who is the member of The National Futures Association (NFA) with membership No. 0422030 and an innovator of a prediction method for global financial markets according to hourly astronomy (not daily) and the only Iranian who has several representation of top brokers regulated by British FCA like Pepperstone, Land-FX, AxiTrader  and … (in these brokers, no Iranians who live inside Iran can open an account).

After years of living and working abroad and gaining experience about global financial markets, he decided to establish a comprehensive site for Iran Stock Exchange (Ofogh Sarmaye Negaresh Company) in late 2019 and did so in April 2020 with educational and counseling approach for stock exchange and domestic financial markets.

Now, he is a member of Iranian Association of Economists and an economics university teacher.

He also presents professional advice, which are based on his knowledge and international experience from domestic and foreign financial markets.

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